Our teacher are individual practitioners, we respect and encourage their own unique teaching style.

As individuals we encourage you to seek out teachers that resonate with you.  Below is a description of what to expect in class.  Be assured that all classes cater for individual needs.  We encourage you to see this classes as a collaborative effort by asking for what you need in each class.


Hatha Yoga that invigorates your body and releases your mind at a supported pace designed for all levels. Explore longer holds in postures and time to turn inwards to reflect on the foundational learnings of Yoga. Meditation and other tools to enable overall wellbeing are made available through out the class.

We offer Hatha Yoga on Monday and Thursday night.


Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that teaches us the art of listening to our bodies while softening our mind and energetic levels. A restorative practice offers us an opportunity to receive the benefits of Yoga even at those times when we would usually feel unable due to stress, fatigue or even injury. 

Classes are held at the Studio on Fridays at 10.15am.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

A yoga class for womxn and non-binary folk who have experienced trauma at any time in their life. Participants are invited to explore a range of movements and yoga forms, and to notice any sensations that arise in their body. The session is facilitated in a way that aims to create a safe and stable environment, and to minimise triggers through avoiding physical assists or directive instruction, instead providing choices throughout the session, and creating a present moment experience. 

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Inamojo™ - nurtures creativity and imagination through play whilst addressing all levels of healthy developmental growth: physical, cognitive, emotional and social.
Weaving original music and modern day fairytales with creative movement and mindful practices such as meditation, breath awareness and art, Inamojo™ well-being programs nurture children on an inner journey of self-enquiry, self-discovery, and self- expression.

Inamojo™ combines eastern philosophy with Jungian psychology and a variety of contemporary Early Childhood Development theories. Key developmental themes in each class include: trusting instincts; emotional expression; self-esteem; compassion; self-expression and communication; intuition and imagination; and self-awareness.

9 week booking essential. No casual classes available for this program. Ages 5-12. Please contact Anna directly for bookings - anna@inamojo.com / www.inamojo.com